My induction started Saturday night with a suppository that started pretty regular contractions.  However, in true Chillemi fashion, since Caterpillar wasn’t putting his head down, they were fun for mom, yet totally useless.  By the time I was ready for a sleeping pill, it was too late and the IV drip needed to start.

Once that got rolling, the contractions were stronger, and progress was underway.  It wasn’t long after that my epidural was in place and I was loving life.  With Monkey my epidural didn’t work on the left side, so this euphoria was something I had only experienced previously in college.  And I am pretty sure it’s still not legal in these parts.

Around 1:45pm on Sunday the nurse started prepping the room for delivery and we were getting ready.  I asked if Caterpillar could make his appearance by 2:06pm since Monkey was born at 2:06am.  Of course I was joking since we weren’t ready, but it would have been neat – and easy for me to remember since I am guaranteed more brain damage as the years go on.

Dr. Bowtie came in around 2pm and checked everything out, said “Oh my!  I better get dressed!” and came back a few minutes later in scrubs.  Turns out he’s the fastest changer in the west when the need arises.  And it had.  About 10 pushes later Caterpillar arrived. It was 2:36pm on November 9, 2008 and weighed in at 7 lbs 3 ounces.  More than a full pound less than Monkey!

Daddy was ready to cut the cord, but Dr. Bowtie said it was wrapped around his neck and he would have to cut it.  He started unwinding the cord as we all sat silent waiting for that famous baby cry that concludes 95% of the Lifetime made for TV movies.

He said it was wrapped around twice.  No make that three times.  Actually four.  Oh and it’s wrapped around his shoulder and knotted.  Just as the nurse was calling for additional help, Dr. Bowtie was able to loosen it, cut it, and let Daddy make a cut.  There was plenty to cut, and Dr. Bowtie even told us in the ten years he’s been delivering babies, he’s never seen one longer.  Not sure if that’s something to be proud of, but at least when he’s a mama’s boy and his wife is calling and complaining, I will have a legit reason – the cord to his mama is long and strong!

Here are some pictures we took in the hospital and I will post more as they begin to accumulate:

Monkey told me Caterpillar was telling her how much he loves her...

Monkey cootching with Caterpillar one last time before his arrival

Right after birth; before his first bath

All cleaned up, and all tuckered out

Monkey is already doing a great job as big sister

He’s a little guy, so nothing fits quite right… yet.