Ever since Monkey and Daddy went to the Daddy/Daughter Ball last year, Monkey has staged all kinds of weddings and balls where Daddy is (of course) the prince, and she is the princess.  So, when the ball came around this year, she could not have been more excited.

Just like last year, the girls were banished to the upstairs to get ready while Daddy showered and dressed downstairs so he could sneak out and return to pick her up, in true date style.  Once we were ready, Daddy wasn’t quite ready so we had some time for the momarazzi to strike:

[singlepic id=244 w=576 h=432 float=center]

She had asked me if she could wear some mascara, and since it made me giggle that she even knew what mascara was, I let her.  Because everyone in my house knows if you can make mom laugh, you get whatever you want.

Oh, and it helps if you look this pretty:

[singlepic id=248 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Once Daddy was finally ready, he went out, walked around and rang the doorbell to ask for his date.  It was about this time that my camera battery died.  I had done two photo sessions earlier in the day and I didn’t plan ahead.  And yes, I am aware that I have done totally lame-o things when it comes to preparation for photo ops before and no, I have still not learned.

So, please take the following 10 minute break from this post to refresh your drinks while I charge my battery.

<cue on hold music>

And we are back!  Daddy and Monkey stepped outside for one more quick pic:

[singlepic id=249 w=576 h=432 float=center]

(Please notice the baby in the window.  Such a tortured soul.. :P)

And they were off!

[singlepic id=246 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Daddy shared that he and Monkey were dancin’ fools.

[singlepic id=245 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Daddy took her to dinner and they were home before curfew.  It’s a good thing too, because I am pretty sure her brother wasn’t going to stand for any shenanigans when it comes to his sister and dating.

[singlepic id=249 w=576 h=432 float=center]

And that’s not a baby I’d want to mess with.