We are on day 45 of the pregnancy today and I am in awe of how much has already happened with the little one. Today however, the baby is able to make it’s own movements… controlled by it’s brain. Of course I can’t feel the movements since the baby is between 1/2 and 2/3 if an inch in length, but still… how cool is that????

I am feeling pretty run down today, but didn’t sleep well due to big sister Monkey kicking me in the stomach all night. I still don’t understand how a two year old can take up a king size bed, but I suppose there are bigger wonders of the world… All things considered though I feel MUCH better this time around.

With Monkey, I was sick almost everyday throughout the entire pregnancy. This time I have felt short periods of nausea, but they quickly pass. On one hand I am excited about that since it means I might be able to look back on this period fondly, however on the other hand since it is so different it makes me a little nervous. However, that being said we go to the doctor on November 20th so my mind should be put at ease next week.

Alright, Monkey has had about enough bath time so I am off…