Friday we woke up early and took off to go garage sale-ing.  We don’t have a pile of spare cash laying around, but if we saw a deal we couldn’t pass up, we’d make it happen.  Plus, Monkey had some allowance from her ‘spend’ portion that was burning a hole in her pocket since we’ve been unable to find the elusive gumball machine she’s been after.

One of the first houses we visited had a beautiful crock that I’d love to store my potatoes in, but the man wanted $75 for it, and for something I don’t need that’s a bit much for me.  It was worth every penny as it was in perfect condition, but it was a touch big for me anyway so we moved on.

Then, I spotted this:

[singlepic id=1515 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Could it be?!  Oh my … not only was it a gumball machine, but this is the real deal.  Glass bowl, metal case, etc. etc.  They wanted $15 firm.  Monkey has been saving her allowance and only had $8 in her spend account right now.  So I made her put it back and walk away.

Just kidding!  We went halvsies with her!  I’m not that mean.  EBay price = $50!  Woot!

The other item we were searching for was a telescope.  Monkey has been checking out the stars and planets lately and about a month ago we spotted one at a garage sale that was just a bit too expensive fancy for us.  So when I spotted one for sale, I made Daddy jump out and go check it out.  The man selling it said he couldn’t get it to work, and couldn’t find a manual, so for $2, it was ours.  We snatched it up thinking even if we had to order a part, it’d be a good deal for the five year old.

[singlepic id=1514 w=576 h=432 float=center]

We got it home, tightened up the wingnuts, and bam! Works perfectly.  Ebay price = $40.

Both Monkey and Daddy had scored, but I had yet to find anything.  So, back out again the next day we went.

We wanted to make the Castle Rock Festival, so we didn’t want to garage sale all day, and frankly Caterpillar was at his limit for driving around.  So, after just a few stops, we were planning on heading out.  We turned onto a street that didn’t have any sales, but at the very end of the cul-de-sac was a deep freezer with a sign that said ‘FREE – WORKS GREAT”.  We couldn’t believe it.  We’ve been contemplating buying one, but with our extra funds being applied toward debt and Disney, it just wasn’t happening yet.

Daddy jumped out and knocked on the door to let the family know we’d take it, but had to go home and get a truck first.  No answer.

The race was on.  We raced home (about a 15 minute drive) and back only to see the freezer was gone. 🙁

As we turned the corner to leave, I saw the freezer.  It had been moved to a sale around the corner and now had a sign that said “$20 – WORKS GREAT”.  Hmmm.

Daddy got out and explained we’d just gone home to get the truck and the man said he’d gladly give it to us for free.  I started to get out to help load, and Daddy leaned in and said I didn’t need to, as the guys were embarrassed and offered to load it.

They loaded it up, Daddy got back in the car and said he was the one who was embarrassed.  When I asked why, he explained that it was in fact their freezer!  They had moved it around the corner to their friends sale, and marked $20 on it so people wouldn’t think it was broken!  The wife had come out of the house and said she’d just defrosted it that morning because it was too big for their needs.  They refused to take our $20 and said they were thrilled a family would get to use it.

[singlepic id=1516 w=576 h=432 float=center]

The freezer is circa 1973, but we plugged it in and once it cooled down it froze a milk jug of water, so it’s working great!

Although, even though I assumed that they had moved it and were now trying to make $20 off of a neighbors free freezer, I admired their entrepreneurship and have to admit – I might have done what I thought they did!

What is it that people say about the word assume?

Oh, that’s right … nevermind.  Ebay price = $35.

Did you find any deals and steals this weekend?  What’s your favorite garage sale tip?