For those of you who don’t know, about a month ago we made the tough decision to give our dog Duke back to the German Shorthaired pointer rescue. It was a very hard decision, but based on his health needs, we felt we were doing the right thing for the dog. We all made the drive down and said our goodbyes with the understanding the rescue had a relationship with the vets in the area and he would have the investigative surgery he needed.

After a lot of tough questions from Monkey about where Duke went, time went on and our hearts were starting to heal.

On Saturday I received a phone call from the new owner! I was shocked he had already been adopted out, especially after I found out they adopted him the DAY AFTER WE DROPPED HIM OFF. He asked me why we gave Duke up and when I explained he was a great dog behaviorally, however due to his health issues we could no longer care for him. Then he was shocked!! The owner of the Rocky Mountain GSP rescue had told him we were having our first baby and didn’t want to deal with the dog anymore. WHAT?! As angry as I was, I was more hurt than mad. He and I talked for about a half hour and I explained the cycle of his illness and he explained that he was already going to the bathroom about 12 times a day, which is what prompted him to call… thanks to the dog tag we had placed on Duke’s collar he was able to obtain our phone number (Thank you God!)

How could a woman who cares for animals for a living not have the dogs best interest in mind? Needless to say, this isn’t over yet.

That being said as part of the healing process we have discussed getting another dog. We are leaning towards and English Bulldog because they are as lazy as we are. :)~ I like the mini bull dogs because they have less health problems and they are just so darn cute. I have been checking them out online since there aren’t any available for adoption, nor through a breeder in CO. How crazy is that? Because of the low availability we are thinking about getting a male and perhaps studding him out a few times to make up for his cost. (about $2500) Obviously we are not dog breeders by any means, but it might be a fun thing to do in the future.

The puppies I have fallen in love with are at and the dog’s name is torch. If we decide to do a female, I like sweetthang. Be sure and check them out… they are SO CUTE.

I will keep everyone posted about the rescue, and the puppies… God Bless!