I know it’s been a little while since I blogged, but in my defense, my laptop had to be taken into the mac store for repairs.  Okay, you’re right, it was only gone for a couple of days, but we’ve been busy being a family over here!

Last week Monkey and I were able to get out of the house for a MOPS play date.  It has been so long since we’ve done anything MOPS related, and I still feel a little guilty about it.  Not sure why, because I was on bed rest, and the women at my table have been awesome, but I still feel like they deserved a table leader who was on the ball!

I got to chit-chat with the women and they are all so different, and yet they are all so kind and considerate.  I lucked out this year and I can’t wait to spend more time with them.  When we got home, Daddy had packed up a lunch and we sat in our front yard and had a picnic.  Can you believe we had a picnic in Colorado, in November!?  Here’s proof, just in case you doubt what I say is true:

The next day Monkey had school, and Daddy and I have gotten in the habit of enjoying breakfast together while she’s there, so we did just that.  We then got things ready to hang Christmas lights.  I know it sounds crazy to hang them so early, but keep in mind if you don’t time it right in Colorado, then you are slipping and sliding around an icy roof in 10 degree weather.

When we went to pick up Monkey, Daddy was informed Monkey was not a good listener at school.  They had a fire drill in which she ran off and would not join her class, among other things.  When she came to the car and told me, I was heartbroken.  It has been hard to watch her transition, although she has been doing great.  There has just been a few times when I can see sadness in her eyes when she watches Daddy hold Caterpillar, or how she jumps in when I pull out the camera.  In reality, it has been harder on me than her, as evidenced by the fact she is constantly saying how much she loves Caterpillar and really is sweet and so gentle with him.

After hanging the Christmas lights, with a focus on listening and obeying, we were all wiped out.  The two little ones crashed out, and Daddy and I joked that we should run to the bedroom and take advantage of the time, but being as I had a baby just a week ago, those plans were quickly nixed.  Instead we pulled out the camera and snapped some shots of our sleeping angels:

Sleep has become a thing of the past for both Daddy and me.  We have been taking turns getting up with Caterpillar, and drinking a lot more coffee to balance our energy back out.  Caterpillar had what we thought was terrible diaper rash.  We tried different creams, we let him go ‘free’ for about eight hours, and washed his bottom in the sink several times a day.  We were all frustrated by the fact that no matter what we tried, nothing changed.

I called into the nurse who suggested a different cream, and recommended keeping him clean (no duh), and said to call back in a couple of days if nothing changed.  Well, nothing did, and when I called back and spoke to a different nurse, she wanted us to come in just to be sure it wasn’t a yeast infection.  We saw our favorite baby doctor, Dr. Deep Voice, who told us that Caterpillars food was being pooped out so fast that the stomach acid wasn’t neutralized prior to hitting his behind, causing skin burns.  He said this would balance out as he got older and more developed.  Who knew an assplosion could be so dangerous?  We left with a prescription and a recommendation for some OTC cream, which has successfully given us peaceful poops once again.

Overall, things have been great.  I feel good, and although I shouldn’t admit it, I have been enjoying the fact that I can do laundry and clean the house once again.  I feel like the days of being a baby incubator are long gone and mommy mode feels relaxed and wonderful.  And even though actual sleep is a thing of the past, we have been blessed with a dream come true.