Caterpillar had a rough week last week.  He was up every couple of hours because he was hungry.  Refusing to eat, would only drink milk, to then fall asleep and start the pattern just a mere 120 minutes later.

It was brutal.  For Daddy.

Yes, ladies, my rockstar of a husband does the bedtime routine and the kids up in the middle of the night thing.  Unless of course someone is sick, then we’re both up, but most of the time I sleep through the whole parade.

Anyway, Daddy had finally had enough and we’ve become those parents. The ones that force feed their kids dinner.  Never thought I’d go there, but after the first night of force feeding, we had our first night of full sleep in a looooong time.

It was a Christmas miracle.

So, stupid games like ‘airplane’ and ‘race car’ have commenced.  You can now hear things like ‘Into the hatch!’ every day around 5:15 in our house.  It’s not ideal, but it’s working.

He’s eating, and we’re sleeping.  It’s a win-win and I’m leaving the future for his diet in Gods hands.  Time will tell how that will play out.

Our days have been a lot better since operation redunkulous habits has commenced.  He’s been in a better mood, and he’s back into a routine.

Preschool started and that has helped a lot.  His teacher is awesome, and he’s pretty much potty trained.  He’s become such a little love bug and he’s been getting along better with his sister.

Life is good.

Who knew what a little bit of a full belly could do for a family.

Oh that’s right.  Our big-ol’ Italian family has known about this for years. 😉