We are (still) in the process of organizing everything in our house. We moved in about a year and a half ago from a house which was about half of the size therefore we have a huge need for decorations, window treatments and shelving.

We have been primarily focused on the downstairs, with the exception of Monkeys toy room and bedroom which have gotten some well deserved attention lately. However, I am getting the bug to work on our room and retreat so I have been casually looking at furniture and ways to organize and combine our office needs with my scrapbooking stuff.

The Container Store is having their annual sale on Elfa Shelving, so we decided to think about it for our retreat/office/craft room. Without the 30% off sale, the shelves are a little pricey so in the past we have been a little put off. However, the quality is good and should last a long time.

We looked on Saturday and purchased a wall mounted shelving system and brought them home excited to finally have things in their own space. We didn’t have a lot of time to install everything because we had an online appointment, but I have to say the installation was a breeze. I watched Travis install half in less than thirty minutes. The pieces fit together beautifully and are very sturdy and secure.

Overall, I would recommend this product, and will most likely purchase more in the future. After all, our house can use the organization!