If you’re new around these parts, I should let you know Monkey attends an ELOB school.  That stands for Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound.  In a nutshell, they learn by doing. They stress the fact that the kids are part of a ‘crew’ and everything they do needs to be contributing to the team.

Part of that experience, is the annual camping trip.  For Kindies, it’s an overnight trip to Camp Elim.  It’s a pretty tame trip (read: cabins with heat and bunkbeds), but so important for these littles to learn the basics like sleeping apart from mom and dad, but it’s more than that.  I was lucky enough to be a chaperone this year, and I can honestly say I was impressed with how much the kids learned in just those 36 hours.

The only part that left a little to be desired was some of the parents.  As sad as it sounds, we could have learned a thing or two from those Kindies.  I saw other moms laughing and rolling their eyes at kids as they cried, moms calling kids names (their own … but I’m not sure if that’s better or worse), and just a general lack of ‘crew’.   On the converse side, one mom in particular was awesome.  She was encouraging, a love and logic mom through and through and Monkey just adored her.  She was a breath of fresh air just about the time when I was feeling really discouraged.  Don’t you just love it when God does that?

Additionally, Monkey’s teacher is ah-mazing.  She is the most patient and loving teachers I’ve ever met.  Daddy and I call her the quiet giant, because she’s very tall, and her attitude is contagious.  She quietly and patiently waits for the kiddos to fall in line and join the crew, and they pretty much eat out of her hand.  I’m pretty sure Monkey would do about anything for her, and I can’t blame her a bit.  She’s a wonderful woman, and we are sad to be counting down our final days in her class.

Anywho, without more babbling, I’m going to do the gushing mama thing and share some pictures:


The kids do ‘solo’ time every day, where they have quiet time to observe things around them and write their thoughts in their journals.  It was one of my favorite times to capture.


This is Ms. Jody’s full crew and chaperones at a resting point during the longest hike evah.  Apparently the guide got a bit lost, but those kiddos persevered and I was totally impressed with them – it was a hard hike!


Here’s the girls working as a crew to play volleyball:




I love her face in that one.

There are many more I could share, but none of them will express how much I love this crew.


We are so blessed!