Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who had a Daddy who loved her very much.


And the beautiful princess knew her Daddy loved her, because they often spent time together giggling and just hanging out.  However, Daddy wanted the beautiful princess to have an understanding of just how special she was, so he decided to take her to the Daddy/Daughter Ball.

The beautiful princess was very excited.  She put on her favorite dress and the diamond ring that grandma had bought her for her birthday.  She even borrowed some of Mommy’s lip gloss!  The anticipation was almost too much for the beautiful princess to handle.  Just when she could not wait any longer, the door bell rang.

Mommy answered the door, while the beautiful princess waited upstairs.


Mommy opened the door and found Daddy ready to pick up the beautiful princess.  He stepped inside the door, looking as handsome as ever.  Mommy called for the beautiful princess to come down to meet her date.  She began her descent down the long, spiral stair case.


Everyone was enchanted with the beautiful princess.  No one in all of the town had seen a princess quite as beautiful as this beautiful princess was that night.

As you can see, the beautiful princess was also enchanted by Daddy.  This was going to be a perfect night.

To show the beautiful princess how much love and adoration Daddy has for her, he bought her a corsage.  A wrist one, of course, since he was hoping to steal a dance or two.


The evening was going to be perfect.  Just as they were about to leave, the beautiful princess decided to give Daddy a kiss.  Perhaps she didn’t realize that kisses come after the date, but oh well.


Then, they were off!  They headed straight to the local high school gym beautiful castle and began to dance.


Even though there were other Daddys and Daughters at the ball, no one was as handsome as Daddy, and no one was as beautiful as the princess.

Daddy had planned on taking the princess to dinner, but they were having so much fun they decided to eat cake before dinner.


After cake, they went to dinner their favorite Mexican restaurant,  and laughed the night away.  Daddy was sure to bring the beautiful princess home on time, and the very tired princess fell into a deep and peaceful sleep for the rest of the evening.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.