Remember how I told you about beautiful Melissa?

Well, last night was her boudoir session.  And, oh what a session it was!

She arrived right on time and we loaded up and headed out to our secluded location.  This location is a good friends of ours property, and they knew we were coming, so we had planned on having the whole place to ourselves. I went to check in with my friends when we got there, and they weren’t even home so it was a bunch of wide open space for me and M.  Perfect for this type of session!

We drove around and found a little spot tucked away from the driveway and plopped down, had some wine and started shooting.  About the time I was laying down to get the shots I wanted, I realized my legs were covered in fire ants.  Sweet.  I brushed them off, we kept chatting and capturing (my favorite method!) then decided it was time to head to a different spot.  We loaded up the car, and I turned the key, and … dead.  Not a single breath of energy left in my car.  Since my cell phone barely had one bar, I called Daddy and asked him to call the friends that own the property to find out where they were at and if we could get a jump when we got home.

Melissa and I continued walking and shooting, when all of the sudden we could hear someone walking towards us.  So, I said “Marcie?” assuming Daddy had made contact and she was home quicker than we’d thought.  No response. Hmmm.  Then, out pop two hunters in full camouflage gear.  Um…. hi?  I knew my friends let people hunt their property, but I was still a bit surprised to see them.  Had they been a little sneakier, Melissa would have been topless.  Some hunters they are!

We made some small chat while Melissa stood in a tiny tank, short skirt and cowgirl boots and then we were on our way.  Daddy had called back and told us if our friend couldn’t make it, he’d send someone from his work.  Read: The Larkspur Fire Department.  It was about that time we saw them rolling up on us.  We hopped in the back (Melissa still braless) and they gave us a ride to the car and helped us get going again.  We drove to another location and started shooting.  This area was pretty uneventful besides the random cars we could hear in the distance, scaring us half to death.

We decided to head over to the last spot and find our way into the natural pond on the property.  When I opened my door, I could hear what I first thought was a hissing snake.  I asked Melissa what that sound was, to which she responded ‘your car’.  I jumped out, and then noticed the rusted metal murder weapon that had wedged itself into my tire.  Melissa, being not only beautiful, but smart remembered we had some of her husbands plumbing tools in the back.  I tried to remove the murder weapon, with no luck.  I called Daddy again, and decided we should just get the last few shots we wanted.  I mean, it’s flat and that’s not going to change, right!?

She climbs in the freezing, disgusting water, and gets a few feet away from the bank and I am snapping away like crazy.  She looked amazing, even after all of that!  I tell her we can move out, and she starts laughing hysterically.  Her shoes were stuck in the mud, in the pond.  I join in her laughter, wonder what the heck else could happen and it’s about that time the brush next to me jostles around and I just knew an alligator was coming after me.  I scream like a little girl, and M is laughing so hard she can barely get the words out to tell me that was her shoe she’d just tossed.

We finally get out and I told M to dry off in the car and I’d make the walk up to the house to get my friend for help. I saw her drive by a bit before, so I knew we could at least use the phone.  I get up there, and she calls her husband.  He tells her what tools we’ll need and sends us down to my car … which has been running all night because we were so afraid the battery would die again.

He also sent down our two new BFF’s from the Larkspur Fire Department.

They changed our tire, and we were finally on our way home. I just knew the only thing left that could happen is I’d run out of gas.  Luckily, I had just filled up, so in spite of running it all night, we were good to go.

I don’t share pictures from my boudoir session, (although rumor has it she’s planning to share them on her blog) but I had to share this one:

[singlepic id=2070 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Doesn’t she still look amazingly calm, cool and collected?  You’d never know the Mayhem that I put poor Melissa though.

Thanks for a great night M ~ I had so much fun!!