Hello blogosphere!

How I’ve missed you.

But, I have been a busy girl.  I had the opportunity to spend an early morning with a friend of mine and her family in order to capture some family photos. 

I learned so much from the shoot because the sun was up a little too much by the time we started and I had to deal with sun glare, squinty eyes and such.  For example, I love this picture, and I photoshopped it like mad, yet I still have nasty sun glare:


Even so, I like it.  Motherhood at it’s finest.  The kid is running into the woods, she’s laughing and even the photographer can’t get it together.

The day was a little crazy, but that was the fun of it!  I love this picture of Bethany’s parents with the boys.  I mean seriously, how cute are they?


Bethany’s children have such emotional eyes.

Bethany told me this little cutie’s tear duct gets clogged so his tears linger for a while, but she didn’t mention that until my heart was melted by this:


Then we joked that he should get a tear drop tattoo for his fallen homies, and I was healed.

Speaking of melted hearts, I have a feeling there will be a lot of ladies in this little man’s future who will suffer from just that:


Over all, I have to say this was my most challenging shoot.  And really it shouldn’t have been a challenge, hence why I don’t consider photography my profession!  But, that being said, I felt I captured the essence of the day, and the happiness that this family shares: