My dad had given Monkey a fishing pole and loaded tackle box for her birthday.  Even though Monkey’s birthday is in February, and we knew we’d have to wait to use them, I thought it was a great idea… and pretty creative for my dad!

Well, it has been so unseasonably warm here, so out of the blue my dad called and said he was planning a fishing trip to the local lake.  This also suprised me because normally my dad is so busy, and often doesn’t see the kids except on holidays and special occasions.

The day he picked was supposed to be Mongas day with Monkey, but we had never heard from her so we went ahead and let Monkey go.  I am so glad we did.  Her cousins also came and she has missed them so much.  She often talks about them during her pretend play, and hasn’t seen them since before Christmas.

Here she is when she first got to my dad’s house:


I left my camera with my step-mother and asked her to take some pictures.  She did a great job.  She took a lot of pictures, and really captured the day on film, which I love since Daddy and I chose to let it be a ‘Grandpa’ thing.

They drove down the street to the local lake, which should be frozen around this time of year.  With the kids in tow, my dad lead the way.


They arrived, and the fishing began.


And, as expected, so did the silliness.


Sadly, no one was able to catch a thing.  Or maybe not sadly, since I am pretty sure they had a great time anyway.

They ate lunch in the warmth of the sun, and decided to do what the kids wanted to do all along:


I love this picture – it’s one of the only ones I have of my dad smiling.

Even though Monkey doesn’t like to get dirty, she actually took off her shoes and walked around in the mud.


It was a great day.  When my dad came over to drop her off, she was sound asleep.  Even though she didn’t make it through the day, I know she will remember the day for a long time to come.


Thanks Grandpa!