I’m not sure if you all remember, but last year when we went to Disney World in October, I had an auto-immune flare up.  This consisted of my face swelling up into what is called ‘moon face’.  It’s very painful because the skin becomes stretched, but the worst part is the ear lobes!  They fill up with fluid and are quite sore.  The sun exasperates the condition, so even after a trip to the ER and a dose of Prednisone, my symptoms lasted about six weeks.

Fast forward until last month.  I was feeling a bit ‘hashi’s’ which is what I call it when I am feeling pretty fatigued.  I visited [intlink id=”2872″ type=”post”]Dr. Half and Half[/intlink], who ran all of my blood levels and reported they were good.  He added a teeny bit of T3 to my regimen to help with my afternoon sluggishness, but said he didn’t think I’d need it. 

Well, here we are a month or so later, and BAM.  Moon face.

I think my immune system has been a bit off lately, but the sunburn I got at Pirates Cove this year might have pushed me over the edge.

So, I went back into Dr. Half and Half and he seemed to feel pretty strongly these are auto-immune reactions, but not part of Hashimotos.  He brought up the L word like so many doctors have previously, but usually when my blood work returns negative they let it go.  He explained he doesn’t feel a negative blood response rules it out, as it can show up later, but early treatment can help.  So, he took some blood, gave me some Prednisone and off I went.

I wasn’t too optimistic about the Prednisone, but I started the 12 day process and almost immediately I could feel relief.  I was so excited, because this was about the time I was working at Monkey’s school for her PTO volunteer sign up, and I was meeting her teacher for the first time.

Nothing says ‘Join my team, we’re really cool!’ like some moon face.

By the evening, I was almost symptom free, and by this morning all that was left was fatigue (I couldn’t sleep the first night due to the pain and the second night due to the Prednisone side effects) and some very stretched out dry facial skin.

I’ll take it!