We spent last weekend unplugged at the cabin.  Well, only semi-unplugged because I brought along my Kindle so Daddy could read The Hunger Games.

Double addiction.  He loved the books and loves my Kindle.  I’m sure it won’t be long until I need to get one for him so I can have mine back. 😉

The best thing about the cabin is there isn’t much to do besides eat, relax and ride the 4-wheelers.

Monkey rode with Monga almost the whole weekend.  Those two actually got pretty close … almost to the point where I was beginning to wonder if Monkey was going to come home with us, or simply pack her bags and leave us forever.

Lucky for us, she decided to come home with us.

This little man on the other hand, had to be sure and mark his territory so no man or animal could ever forget he was there.

Oh, the joy of having boys.  It certainly didn’t help that Papa coined the phrase ‘go pee on a rock’.  Daddy and I are still trying to take all of the fun out of that little game … But isn’t that what Papa’s are for?

I suppose Caterpillar did do other things while we were there.  Like look through the concockulars.  Monga, Daddy and I made him say that about 100 times a day.  It was so darned cute, and he just soaked up the attention.

It was a great trip, and we were sad to learn the cabin is going up for sale soon.  I know my in-laws have made a lot of good memories there.  Of course our family is a lot of fun no matter where we are, but even so I am praying for peace for them, and a speedy sale!

With this view from the front porch, I have no doubt someone will snatch it up soon.

The view ON the porch, however, leaves a little to be desired.