We have pretty much locked into a routine of Monkey getting up fairly early, which allows plenty of time for relaxation in the mornings prior to the hustle that is required when attempting to get a three year old out the door on time for anything.  This morning was no exception, and I needed it.  I have been so unbelievably tired the last few days and since I had a doctors appointment, I HAD to shave my legs this morning. This is a task I used to do daily for my own sanity, but lately it has been too darn exhausting with the whole heat and standing thing going on in our shower.  When you add a pretzel position for shaving, it becomes an Olympic event in the making.

When I climbed out of the steamy cube of death, I was thankful I had time to lay down and do nothing for a while.  But, all too quickly I had to flip back into hustle mode, and before I knew it I was drinking the glucola for my sugar test and we were off for our days adventure.

Monkey RAN into her classroom this morning and couldn’t wait to see Miss Amy.  Daddy came with us this morning because of my doctors appointment, and he was even surprised at her excitement.

Upon arrival at the office, I did the whole pee in a cup thing and the doctors assistant (who I always look forward to seeing) came in.  She told me they found protein in my urine, which is now a concern since my blood pressure was also elevated. I usually have very low blood pressure, so I have to admit all of this caught me off guard.  Not to mention I have been doing really well – I’ve only gained 10 lbs during this pregnancy and I have been trying to eat better, and stay active.  I asked her what all of this meant, and she said I should ask the doctor.

That’s was my first red flag that something could actually be wrong.  After all, this woman and I are future BFF’s!  We’ve chewed the fat about church, kids, other patients (I know, I know a big no-no), etc.  And all of the sudden she was watching her words.  Then she told me they had to do a cervix check.  WHAT?  I had planned for my legs to be checked for swelling, but I hadn’t prepared HER for any sort of visit.  UGH.  I sucked it up and depants myself just in time for Dr. Bow-Tie to come in.  He checked my cervix and said it looked good.  He talked about the blood pressure and urine test results and explained they could be a sign of preeclampsia.  What is that?

Keep in mind, I went to Dr. Bow-Tie for Monkey and part of what I love about him is he is very even keel.  He stays calm, which keeps moms like me calm. He doesn’t talk a whole lot about what might be, until it is.   Then he speaks with just enough science talk so you know he’s a good resource (he went to Harvard Medical after all) and he talks enough mommy talk that you know he has been on the other side with his wife, and he knows what the hormones can do to a girl and her brain.

All of the sudden Dr. Bow-Tie flipped to serious.  He said we needed to retest my urine and blood pressure.  He was so focused on these tests that he almost forgot to test my sugar levels – the reason I was there in the first place.  I peed what little pee I had left, they drew blood for my glucose test and tested my blood pressure again.  It had come down slightly, but was still high for me.  On my way out the door, Mr. Bow-Ties assistant told me the urine test had the same result, so it would be sent to the labs for more testing.

We left and I drove Daddy downtown to work, with little to note.  When I got home I did the worst thing I could do:  I looked up preeclampsia online.  The only cure is delivering the baby.  The only thing that mitigates it, is bed rest.  UM… did I mention I have a three year old?!

I have a lot of the symptoms, but after taking a step back and thinking about things, what woman in the seventh month of pregnancy in the summer doesn’t have: swollen hands, headaches, trouble sleeping, poor circulation in hands and feet, high blood pressure.  All of those things are justifiable…. RIGHT???  Okay, so the protein in the urine is a little disturbing, but perhaps that was a fluke.  I am sure there are other things that can cause that.

Here I go again – and I must stop.  I haven’t gotten any test results back, and I am not sure when I will.  Nothing has been confirmed, and so far everything has been good. Someone come over and cut off my internet.  I will love you just the same when I eventually realize it was to keep me from flipping out…