The Girl looks forward to VBS every year, and this year was no exception. The Boy really, really wanted to go, but he’s only 3.5 and most programs start at 4. As I was searching for a program willing to take him, I researched the different programs being offered this year, and really felt the “Sky” program by Group was the way to go.

The theme was focused on anything being possible through God, and I just really felt like that focus would hit home for The Girl.

At one point, I googled “Sky” in our town, and quite a few popped up. I emailed each of them to see if anyone would be merciful about The Boy’s age, and only one responded with such love and grace, we just had to attend. I don’t remember exactly what the response was, but when Daddy forwarded me the response his note was “THIS is how God’s love is”.

He was right.

This church accepted The Boy with open arms and hearts. When he cried earlier this week at drop-off, his leader made a point of telling me that afternoon he was fine just minutes later. I didn’t even ask – yet she found me and said she wanted me to know he was fine.

The Papa had therapy yesterday, which usually means it’s a stressful day, followed by moon-face.

After he talked to his youngest sister, (which was his therapy homework) we talked a bit about the fact that things are not progressing with his parents. We felt it was time to let The Girl know, as she’s been in limbo (as we all have) as to how things were going to play out.

Whenever I talk to The Girl about things of the heart, I mostly just ask questions and listen. I’ve learned the people-pleaser in her will be all too happy to take my opinion for her own, if I don’t.

As I was asking her how she felt about Monga and Papa and the whole situation, she looked at me with her big blue eyes and said “They are a grey balloon, weighing our family down. It’s time to untie them in order to fly with God. Sometimes the knots are really stuck on you, but you have to figure out how to get it off.”


I am always amazed at the way God uses my kids to bring insight and wisdom to our family … With such innocence and love. I have no idea why I am still amazed – at some point I should come to expect it – maybe someday I will, but I kinda hope I never do.

I am sad there’s only two more days of VBS left. It’s certainly cheaper than Daddy’s therapy!