We had a baby shower for one of the MOPS mommies that sat at our table last year. We have all stayed friends and when I do get out of the house without kiddos, it is usually with one of them.

We had to wake Monkey up from a much needed nap to go to the park, so I didn’t get many shots of her… she was grumpy gus for quite some time. Once she did lighten up a little, I was able to get this one:

One of the best things about the shower was the fact that after almost a year of relationships with these wonderful women, I finally got to meet their husbands! All of the daddies were so fun to watch with the kids, and even though most of us got an eye roll or two from them throughout the day, clearly we all have very supportive husbands to lean on.

The kids were all well behaved… especially considering we were fighting the heat and the tiredness that comes with a hard day of play. Here are some of my favorite shots of when little brother wondered off, and big sister was forced to walk into the wild grass and bushes to retrieve him – before mom got a hold of him!

What is a celebration without a dessert? Look at how wonderful these look… and they tasted even better than they look!

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I am honored that our friends shared their day with us. There was delicious food, wonderful fellowship, and it was an indication of the fun to come when baby Watson finally arrives!