February has been so busy, and I am loving it!

I had four sessions this last week, and I am almost completely booked for the next month.  I just keep thinking, ‘Thank God I am feeling great!’ because there’s no way I could have done all of this without Him.

This last week I have spent hours and hours in Photoshop, making sure everyone had their photos in time for Valentines Day.  But, I have to say as much as I love editing photos, I really love the sessions.  It’s so fun to see families come together and just enjoy some time together.  It seems like life can get so hectic, but when they gather for the couple of hours with me, things slow down. 

I don’t typically set time limits on my sessions, and we just shoot until we get a good amount of pictures, or until a meltdown happens … and that does not always mean the kids!

We have Monkey’s birthday tomorrow, but surprised her tonight with her Wii.  We played a few games and Daddy and I decided the boxing game is the way to settle all arguments going forward.  It’s a great workout and I am pretty sure I lost 15lbs within the first five minutes. (Oh – if only that were true!)

We are going to Skate City for Monkeys big day, and I can’t wait.  We did a party at our house last year and I vowed moving forward someone else was going to do the planning and the cleaning!  On a side note, when did birthday parties for kids get so expensive?  Even to do it at home costs way more than it should … but perhaps that’s because we are blessed enough to live so close to our huge Italian families…

I still haven’t put together Monkey’s slide show/movie, but we aren’t doing the family party until the 28th, so I figure I have time.  Any ideas on songs?  That is always the hardest part for me.

Our 8 year anniversary is right around the corner (the 23rd).  It always falls during Denvers 5280 Restaurant week, so we usually pick some where fancy and new (to us) to eat and then go see a movie. Two years ago, God gave us Caterpillar for our anniversary so this time is always a fun time of year for us.

To add to the chaos, we think Caterpillar might be lactose intolerant.  He’s still not sleeping through the night, and he’s often fussy.  The doc says soy milk for a couple of weeks and come back if it’s not better.  I am glad we are working towards getting it resolved, because he makes mama very tired and cranky by the end of the day.  If he weren’t so cute, I’d likely have to give him back to the stork he came from.

Thank you all for gracefully hanging in with us during this time of year.  It’s always so frantic.

But also so fantastic.