I went to see Dr. Bowtie today and my bed rest has been changed from full bed rest, to modified.  Which means I can now have Monkey back in the house part time and I can do some activities.  After a long restless night filled with mixed emotion, I couldn’t have gotten better news.

While I came home excited about my new found freedom, I started thinking about a 9/11 video Daddy and I were watching on the History Channel last night.  It was a series of home videos, which showed in detail the attacks on the twin towers and the reaction of the general public to those attacks.  Even seven years later, I remember that day as though it happened yesterday.

We woke up to the phone ringing.  It was Monga, telling us to turn on the television – our country was under attack.  We sat stunned for the next few hours, watching it over and over again.  Our offices were closed for the day, so we decided to do something positive.  We adopted our cat, Marilyn from the Colorado Humane Society.  We came home and remained glued to the television for the next 48-hours.

Even now, when an airplane flys overhead and seems exceptionally loud or low, a part of me looks towards Monkey and says a quick prayer.  That fear is something that I have never known before.

With the presidential election in full swing, I can’t help but feel people have forgotten that feeling.  The helpless feeling we all shared, and the need to do something in reaction to the attack.  When the war first started, there were not many people against it.  The ones that were against the war felt there could be a peaceful resolution, but no one felt that a resolution was out of order.

What changed?  War is hard.  The economy is bad right now.  But, does that mean we should have taken our lumps and not done anything?  I can’t help but feel by pulling out without resolution, lives have been lost in vain.  As a mommy, I can’t imagine losing a son or daughter to a war that we as a country ‘changed our minds’ on.  I feel that once lives are in this battle, we owe it to those families to see things through.  Not because we have to win – because there are not winners on either side – but because we decided to get involved.  What kind of lesson are we teaching our children if we get involved, then back out because things got tough.

As far as people saying they will move out of our country if so-and-so is elected.  I say don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.  If you are willing to give up your freedom because you didn’t get your way, then your moving means one less person I need to shelter my children from.

I am sure this rant will upset a lot of readers, and I am sure some people will call me callous and rude.  But, it won’t be the first time, nor the last.  I read a lot of blogs (especially since I have been on bed rest!) and my choice is not to comment on your blog because I know I can’t be respectful and impartial when I read about your ‘pending move’ or your ‘contemplation of suicide’ over the upcoming election outcome.  Keep in mind when writing these things, you have that choice. That’s one of the great things about living in America.  That’s what our soldiers are over there trying to protect.  Freedom.