This weekend, I decided to do a thing … and I have to say, I’m super glad I did!

Our Glamper is a bunk house, and we purchased it mainly for the bunks.  We have a 12 year old and 16 year old, and big sister has NO interest in sharing a bed with little brother, and vise versa.

(Sorry for the bad pics – I was in a hurry and it was a million degrees outside so I was going quick!)

What we quickly realized is a) no one wants to yeet themselves up into that top bunk, and b) it’s HOT up there.

Soooo, the bunks didn’t really make sense for our family after all, and the top bunk quickly became a glorified shelf for backpacks.

Off to Pinterest I went to look at ways to make better use of the space, and I ultimately decided to rip out the top bunk.

This is actually super simple to do – but you’ll need some muscle and a drill / screwdriver.

First, unscrew the ladder.  I mean, it’s barely a ladder, and it’s right next to the wall so you can’t use both sides as handles.  Super weird.

Then you can pop off the little button covers and unscrew those.

That will expose the trim, which is just stapled on.  If you remove that, you’ll start to see how the bunk is put together, and you’ll see how easy it is to take it apart.

Pry up the top board and you’ll expose the frame.

Remove the bottom board and you’ll have access to the screws holding it in place from the bottom bunk.

Then, you just crawl in and unscrew all of the way around the bunk.  Activate your muscles and pull the frame out!

Once the frame is out, you’ll have a little corner hang out! Ours is still plain – I’m planning to let the girl decorate.  I’m guessing fairy lights will be in soon, and if she doesn’t have a preference, I’ll hang curtains to match the rest of the camper.

There are little holes from the screws – at some point we will putty them or perhaps bead board around the cove like we did in our slide … but until then … we are just camping and don’t care that much!

What do you think?  Do you like the cove, or would you have left the bunks in tact?