Last Saturday we had another opportunity to join Pastor Age at his church in Sun Valley to help with a Christmas store for the neighborhood.

Staci once again stepped up and organized the day.  She did a wonderful job, and it was fun to watch a fellow type-A in action:


She gathered each family’s name and need from Thanksgiving and printed them out so as they arrived, they could be assigned a personal shopper to help them find the perfect gifts for loved ones.


Because of all of the wonderful volunteers, they were able to go above and beyond the sign up, and serve over 80 families this year!

One of the groups of volunteers that left an impression on me was some of the players from the Green Mountain High School football team.


I love seeing God move in groups of teens, and the coach of that team should be commended for planting the seeds in their hearts.

Pastor Age is always so loving, and his prayers always feel led by the Holy Spirit.  Saturday was no exception:


Eighty families.

Eighty families who didn’t have anything to give their Children to remind them of Gods precious gift to us.


Saturday was a great reminder of what a powerful and loving God we serve, and that is a gift that keeps on giving.