Everyone is finally on the mend, and to celebrate we went to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday. We had a million things to do such as get the weeds caught up before we get a fine from the HOA, finish the slide show for a friends wedding, and back to school shop, but nonetheless we needed some play time so that’s what we did.  Monkey had a great time, and since we had tokens left over from another visit, our trip this time was free.  She giggled and ran from game to game, and this time she even put her own tickets in the ticket counting machine.

I have been in a funk about Monkey starting school in just 22 days, but I know she will have a great time.  Her love for learning new things is a passion I want to promote, therefore I have been torn between putting on a happy face for her, yet trying to stay honest and open about how much I will miss her while she’s gone.  Plus, she really does need a friend who will let her know she’s not always in charge.

Not only that, but we both need our routine back.  We haven’t attended the MOPS play dates because of various reasons – most of them health related – and I know how good they are for Monkey… but they are even better for me.

For me, when this group of women meet, without saying a word, we are bonded.  Most of us have chosen to stay home with our kids, so we can balance a check book, install a shelving unit, and get the kids bathed and out of the house before 9am, when we are determined.  We have all probably wiped a dirty nose (or a dirty butt) in the last 24 hours, and most likely all of our husbands have come home and busted us in our pj’s and thought ‘did she get dressed today?’

When Monkey and I don’t have to set the alarm, or make an effort to shower before 2pm, we get caught in this cycle of laziness that makes me feel like we are wasting our time together.  So, with that, I am off for now.  Off to shower and get to the store for the last minute wedding items we need for tonight.  Off to run errands and do what we have to do, so we can come home and do what we want to do…which involves a lot of play time and giggles to share.