I’ve never been a camper.  The idea of trading my warm, soft, squishy bed for a tent and bears has never been my jam.  Papa and I have gone camping together once, when we were young, with friends and one friend had to get up and drunk pee in the dark all night, while the other was vomiting from a marshmallow binge.

These are not my ideas of fun.

So, we aren’t campers.

However, we now live in the Pacific Northwest, which is a little more crunchy, and well … COVID has us trapped inside along with everyone else and we just decided we’d had enough.

It was time to explore the wild blue yonder, since we hadn’t really even scratched the surface of what was in our own backyard.

Because of my before mentioned camping experience, we decided to give glamping a try, and we purchased Rosie:

That there, Clark, is an RV.

It does not require sleeping on the ground.  It has running water.  And a shower. And multiple beds.  And some other things that make it fancy like an outdoor shower (for nudists?) and an outdoor kitchen to make bacon without stinking up the camper (again, nudists?)

I love this trailer of mine.  She gives me the ability to turn off my brain. 

She is magical.

So much so that I’ve started to rip her guts out, even though Papa told me she’s new and I should wait until she needs her guts ripped out.

Stay tuned for updates on all of Rosie’s gut ripping.

Do you have an RV?  I’d love to hear about all of the adventures you’re going on, as well as the adventures you’ve experienced while renovating! Feel free to link your blog or Instagram in the comments below, so I can stalk you!