Everyone I know has goals in life.  I was a manager throughout all of my working days, and in the interview process we discussed the applicants five year plan.  Every time we sat down for a review we talked about what the employees goals were and what they were doing to achieve them.  Even when I would terminate someone, we would discuss how the goals of the company were not in line with the employee any more.

Now that I am lucky enough to stay home, the topics are different, but the ideas are the same. My girlfriends are pros at planning their kids lives from what school they will be attending (keep in mind, I am talking kindergarten here!) to how many extra activities can be scheduled in a week.


I am not saying that I don’t have dreams for my kids.  But, really my only goal right now is for them to love God and love other people.  How we get there isn’t set in stone.

Our neighborhood was supposed to build a new elementary school.  Budgets were cut, and construction never started.  Therefore, we are now feeding into a school that doesn’t get very good reviews.  There is a high ESL ratio, and I’ve been thinking about open enrolling Monkey until our school is built.  But, there’s a part of me that just screams IT’S ONLY KINDERGARTEN.

So, while school began about a month ago, and my friends are talking about where our pre-K kids are going to attend next year, I am focused on a different goal:


This was right after Monkey scored her first goal!  I didn’t get action shots because we were cheering too much to actually take a picture, but you can tell how excited she is!

When I signed her up, I chose this league pretty much based on the fact that it was only $50 and that included the t-shirt.  But, we’ve gotten so much more then we bargained for.

Her coach and assistant coach are awesome.  They handle all of the normal 4-year old meltdowns in stride and they make sure all of the kids are having a great time and have even play time.


Monkey has actually turned out to be pretty good!  She is not afraid of the ball, and her first game she scored three goals!  At this age they don’t keep score and there are no goalies, but if there were, Monkey would want to be the girl for the job!

Once she figured out that the other team can score by kicking in her teams goal, it became her personal mission to keep that ball out.  As soon as one of the opposing girls would get the ball, Monkey would run all the way down to her goal and play defense. But, even with this competitive streak coming out, at the end of the day she could care less.  She goes out there, acts silly with her teammates and has fun.

The team has provided lots of laughs for our entire family, and for me it reminds me of what’s important at this age.  They don’t care what school they go to, or what clothes they wear.  They keep it simple, and have fun.  They already realize that goals are important, but at the end of the day having fun and acting silly are what’s memories are made from.