For Fathers Day, we had a full day. Daddy worked all morning with the neighbor to install our fence so Bluto could run around in our yard (and not everyone elses). He took a break to go to Monkeys swim lesson and then it was off to the Parker Country Festival. This is held annually, and even though I grew up in Parker, I haven’t been in quite some time.

Monkey had never been to a carnival, so Daddy was excited to see her face light up when she spotted the Farris Wheel for the very first time. And, boy did it. The Farris Wheel was right next to the ticket counter and she could not wait for us to even fork over money before she was off and running.

Daddy snapped this picture as we went “higher than the houses!”

Monkey isn’t quite tall enough to enjoy everything offered, but what they did have available she enjoyed. She rode her first roller coaster though the haunted mansion with Daddy and even rode on the Dumbo ride by herself.

After we here hot and sticky and tired of standing in lines for everything, we headed off to Chilis where Trav’s sister Sarah works. We had dinner and headed home. All in all, it was a busy day, but a lot of fun. And Daddy and Brooklyn were inseparable.