I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but we had friends stay with us last week/weekend.  We were so grateful we could provide this for them, as Daddy has known him since he was little, and they needed to come to town for a funeral.

Operation Fake House started on Sunday, the house cleaner came Tuesday, and they arrived on Thursday, after I shot my first NILMDTS session.  It was a whirlwind of a week, to say the least.

Friday was the funeral, and I was gone volunteering at Monkey’s school for a good portion of the day.  I shot another session for NILMDTS, hung out with kiddos while Daddy worked with the good people at The Justice Run, and then I died of exhaustion.

I can’t remember what we did Saturday, but I know it did include coloring Easter eggs, cooking a big dinner, editing photos, having a group of grown men over and staying up too late to finish a scratch carrot cake for my sisters house.  Oh.  I also captured this picture of my sweet Monkey:

Woke up early Sunday, headed downtown to capture [intlink id=”2951″ type=”post”]baby T[/intlink] (yay!!), celebrated Easter with my side of the family, came home edited photos until I passed out from exhaustion.

Monday was an all day training class for NILMDTS and since Monday I’ve been in a coma, so I can’t swear for sure what I’ve been doing.

Although at some point I agreed to lead Monkey’s Daisy troop next year.  I *might* have also agreed to be the communications chair for her school.  Can you believe she’s going to be in FIRST grade?  That sounds way more grown up than being a Kindie.

Throw into the mix that I got a little over-zealous about paying things off this month and I ran our budget a little too tight.  Okay a lot too tight and you’ll see why today I’m laying in the fetal position, sucking my thumb.  Thank goodness tomorrow is payday.

Please don’t call 911.

Just send coffee.

And doughnuts.

Come lay with me on the bathroom floor and we can giggle about what a nut I am.  And I’ll remind you that it’s all good stuff.  God chose me for this crazy rat race, and I’m thankful that he has.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.