As most of you know, we planted our family’s first garden this year.  Monkey could not have been more excited, and she was great about watering when needed (which wasn’t much this year).

Well, her attentiveness paid off and we were able to pull out some zucchini’s:



This was round one… we’ve had round two, and there are zucchini’s out there as I type that are from round three. The growth in our garden was surprising and fun!

In addition to the zucchini’s, we’ve been able to pull perfectly round cherry tomatoes and some romas.  The romas didn’t get as big as what’s in the store, but still tasty!

I thought I took a picture of the tomatoes, but I am not finding it now.  I will add it later if I come across it, but until then you can pretend the photo is here:

We also have big and wonderfully orange pumpkins.  I think they are going to be perfect for fall harvest and I am hoping they hang on until we are ready to start carving for Halloween.

Speaking of, I had bought Monkey a spider man costume at the store because she has been so into superheros lately.  I thought it would be fun if she wore it for Halloween, but so far she only wants to wear it to the doctors office, the grocery store and my favorite:


I love this picture, because much like I had tried to describe in my Bamerina post, this is her.

She is a girlie girl.  She loves pretty shoes (even if they are on the wrong feet, like in this picture).  She loves skirts (especially if they have built-in shorts so she can play on the playground).  But, at the same time she loves Spiderman, Teen Titans, and all things that require some brain, and a lot of brawn.  She loves the Lord, and because of her love of Him, I want to seek Him in everything I do.  She inspires my growth.

Growth in my mommy skills and growth in my wife skills, since I am her example.

I want to be her superhero.  Because she’s mine.