This year was Caterpillar’s first Halloween, and it was the first one that I have enjoyed in quite some time.  I have been on my medication for about a week and a half and I cannot believe how different I feel!  Even Daddy says I look different.  Not sure if that’s true, but I am loving the way I feel and how much energy I have.

Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, so we spent the day running around grocery shopping, picking out some new decor items for the house, and rushed home just in time for trick-or-treating. group

Monkey is at a great age for trick-or-treating because she was really into her costume, at each door she’d play the role of Spiderman, then happily move on to the next house.  What she didn’t see is that the adults were always surprised to see her thick hair pulled up in a bun as she’d turn away.  Daddy got several “That’s a girl!?” mouthed to him as she was skipping away.  I absolutely loved it.  That is our little girl.  Spiderman one day, a beautifully dressed up princess the next.

Caterpillar had a great time riding around in the wagon, although before he even left the house, he was pulling off the hat.  As you can see from this picture, it quickly became a game for hat

Without the hat, the costume looked a little silly.  But, Monkey was so excited to get started, I’m not sure she noticed – or cared.


She was outta here!