For the fourth of July we had planned on meeting my mom and Jules at the local fireworks show, but after looking at the weather we were thinking that we might get rained out so we threw together a last minute cookout on the grill.

And it’s a good thing we did, because it rained buckets all night long!  We had hope that it would clear long enough for the fireworks, so we headed into town, hung out for a bit, then decided the lightening was just a little too scary.

We piled in the car, still hopeful things would clear up, but after a while we realized this was not going to happen so we headed home for a late night dominoes challenge.

But, just before running like scared little school girls, Daddy snapped this picture:

[singlepic id=1581 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Oh, and don’t mind Monkey’s flashing teeth.  It was a giveaway from our church’s booth at the festival.

I couldn’t help wondering every time I saw all of the flashing teeth in the crowds if those silly mouthpieces could be the seed that gets the parents to finally look into the whole ‘church thing’.  Makes me giggle even today.  What a great testimony that would make!