Daddy and my moms boyfriend share a birthday.  So this year we decided to go to my moms, cook a big turkey dinner and just hang out.  Before heading over, I went to the gym to work out, knowing I would likely overeat later.

As we were leaving the gym, I was standing in the exit talking to a good friend from church.  Monkey began coughing, and then puked all over the place, including her brother and his carseat.  She looked just as surprised as I was, so we cleaned up and headed to my moms, in hopes it was just from too much play at the gym.

However, after we were there for a short time, the flu struck again.  Poor monkey wanted to hang out, so we changed her into one of Aunt J’s shirts and let her hang hang out for a little bit with Daddy.


It wasn’t long before we realized that we would have to hurry up and get home.  So we quickly lit the candles.


And then quickly realized the cake was tearing in half due to the amount of candles.  My mom actually put almost 80 candles on the cake.  She started by keeping the candles separate, in hopes the guys could each blow out their set candles.  But then realized the cake was going down in flames…. literally.


So, they blew them out at the same time.  Even though the cake had likely seen better times, it was delicious.  We finished the cake and headed home.

Although I am sure it wasn’t the ideal way to spend a birthday, I know Daddy had fun.  After all, when Monkey’s sick she sure does like to cootchie.