My sister’s birthday is at the very end of June, and while we did get our eat on at Buffalo Wild Wings on her special day, we weren’t able to celebrate with the traditional 10 inch tall ice cream cake until Saturday.

(Oh, and sandwiched in there we went to see Eclipse, where Daddy screamed for team Jacob along with the other 17 year olds in the room.  It was awesome.)

[singlepic id=1579 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Man that’s a lot of candles, and this girl doesn’t look a day over 19:

[singlepic id=1578 w=576 h=432 float=center]

Okay, well maybe a day over.

As much as a beauty as she is on the outside, the best thing about Aunt J is how much my kids love her.

[singlepic id=1575 w=576 h=432 float=center]

I am pretty sure my kids love date night more than we do, since it typically means Aunt J is coming over.

And there’s a good chance they’ll talk her into eating left over 10 inch tall ice cream cake.

But, you can’t blame Aunt J.

Oh no …

[singlepic id=1574 w=576 h=432 float=center]

… This is the woman that started the tradition so long ago that I can’t remember birthday cake any other way.

So, to recap J’s birthday, we had wings, Edward and 10 inch tall ice cream cake.

Sounds pretty perfect!  Happy birthday, Aunt J!