I can’t believe Monkey is seven today.  I remember I REALLY didn’t want a Valentine’s Day baby.  I was due February 8th, and the doctor decided to induce me on the 11th.  Labor was slow, and she just didn’t want to turn her head down to get the show going.

Around midnight on the 12th/13th the doctor told us if she wasn’t born by 2am, he’d feel most comfortable doing a C-section since I’d been laboring so long.

Quarter to 2am and still no baby.  I started to feel light headed and they said Monkey’s blood pressure was dropping.  The entire staff suddenly came to frantic life and it scared both Daddy and myself.  They were able to stabilize us both, and at 2:06am we were greeted by Monkey with a loud wail.

We counted fingers and toes and she was perfect in every way.  She had the biggest blue eyes I’d ever seen on a baby.  They say babies can’t see when they are that little, but I know for a fact she and Daddy just stared at each other, nose to nose, all night long while I finally rested.

They’ve been connected ever since.

We were scared to drive home from the hospital because it was snowing.  We avoided every pothole, and got take out for lunch, just so we could just sit on the floor and stare for the next few hours.

We didn’t miss a thing.  She slept through it all.

Monkey was a great sleeper and eater right off the bat.  She made things so easy … and still does.

I couldn’t ask for a better little girl.  She’s sweet and funny.  She’s smart and beautiful. Most importantly, she has a heart for God and a love for people.

I have no idea how or why God chose us to be paired with her, but every day I’m thankful that He did.

She’s our little girl.