Last night Daddy took Monkey trick-or-treating for her first time.  They walked around a couple of streets before they decided it was time to come home since her bucket was full, and she had a great time.  Monga and Papa were not able to make it over, but here are some pictures of her in her costume.  She chose to go as… you guessed it – a monkey:

Mom forgot the face paint… and the gloves were in the car.

I stayed home and passed out candy to all the cute princesses and superheros in the neighborhood.  Oh, and these three teenage boys that didn’t even bother to dress up, and only one had a bag for their loot.  And it was a backpack that he wore backwards so the pouch was in the front.  And for a split second, I thought about not giving them any candy, but since I have never been egg’d and we had Monkeys first jack-o-lantern outside, I decided to have grace. Grace is still grace, even if it’s for selfish reasons… right?

Monkey drew the one on the right and she and Daddy carved it together.

After the fun and games of the sugar high, we got up today ready to tackle some over due house projects and shopping.  One of our stops was Home Depot.  We were enjoying a hot dog out front prior to going in, and as I was cleaning up the table, Daddy and Monkey decided to get a head start on the shopping.  Monkey headed in just before Daddy and was gone in a matter of seconds.  Daddy was chasing after her, then looked at me and said “I don’t have her”.  I almost lost the bratwurst I had just finished.  We ran into the store and it was as though she disappeared.  We called her and I was yelling ‘make a noise’ which is what we yell when we play hide and seek and need clues on the whereabouts of each other.  No response.

I saw Daddy talking to the employees at the front desk and I heard overheard the page for employees to start searching.  The tears were running down my face and I started wondering if someone had taken her.  How could she have been here one minute, and no where to be found the next?

After a few more minutes or running through the aisles, I saw Daddy again and he said “they’ve got her”.  I  waddled as quickly as I could behind Daddy, all the way to the back of the store.  An employee heard the announcement and saw our Monkey hiding behind the doors in the building materials.

When Daddy reached her, she was all smiles and laughing.  I burst into tears.  Daddy told her she cannot play that in the store, and she quickly realized her game was not funny.  She was scared and also started crying.  I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was hiding and I was counting.  UGH.  I wanted to kill her and kiss her at the same time.

We finished all we had to do today, and part of that was setting up our spare bedroom just in case anyone would like to stay after Caterpillar arrives.  Daddy and I were hard at work cleaning and situating the new bedding when Monkey went into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.  We didn’t think much of it, because she has been more private about her potty time lately.  About ten minutes later, we realized once again, we were not exactly sure where Monkey was.  Daddy knocked on the bathroom door, and asked if she was okay.  She said she was, and hadn’t flushed yet, so we went about our business, assuming she was doing hers.

About another five minutes went by without a flush, so Daddy popped the lock on the door and found this:

At first glance it looked really bad… and then I realized it was chocolate and grabbed the camera.

All in all, I am glad the day is done.  Monkey is safe and sound, and upstairs sleeping.  I can finally rest assured that at least for tonight, I have my Monkey.