So, for whatever reason, I am totally behind on the EBay thing.  Apparently, it’s not all that shocking when I tell people I’m selling my broken junk for a decent amount of money.  It’s still shocking to me and I am totally addicted.

Not to mention the awesome timing, with it being the holidays and all.  Santa can certainly use a bonus this year.  Isn’t it awesome how God always provides in His perfect timing?

Speaking of holidays … how come I had never heard of Elf on The Shelf before?

[singlepic id=3248 w=576 h=432 float=center]

This little guy (Ralph) has Monkey acting like a saint, and all he does is stare at her!  It’s awesome.  Tonight he made his first actual appearance (they had been exchanging notes and gifts), and I am hoping he doesn’t get into too much trouble tonight.  I think he should quietly go hang out in the bathroom.  Perhaps he can figure out why it takes over an hour to do four things that need to be done each morning.  What four things you ask?  Oh, time consuming things like: pee, brush teeth, get dressed, comb hair.

I know.

I ask a lot of my five year old in the morning.

Anyway, I hate to run, but I have an auction expiring that I want to watch.  Be good, boys and girls – Ralph is watching!