Social media has been a hot topic in our house lately (yes, that’s the kind of things nerds talk about) because Daddy recently spoke at a tech conference about integrating social media into education.

While I have fully embraced social media and I love all that it offers, today I got to see first hand the downside.  After promoting the deal that was to be delivered today, mamapedia decided to run the ad at a later time.  Not only that, but they decided to run another photographers ad this week.

So, my friends, I know that many of you have been doing just as I’ve asked and told friends about the deals that were coming.  And, I am hoping that they turned around and told friends.  That’s the beauty of social media right?

Until something like this happens.  And I have no way of knowing how many friends of friends are online right now buying another photographers packages.

No way to unring that bell.

That being said, Mamapedia has ‘gone dark’ (for all of my 24 fans!).  Since they have done so, I would like to extend a very special offer to you in place of the Mamapedia ad, because in the end, it is my job to take care of you. 🙂

I will offer the same offer that Mamapedia was going to run, which is for $99 you will receive $199 worth of credit to use towards any package you’d like.  Meaning, if you apply it towards the nibble, you are good to go for only $99.  BUT, to help remind you to pitch in and unring the bell that has been rung by telling your friends and family about THIS deal, I will also throw in a completely FREE 8 x 10 print of your choosing.  This offer stands for anyone that mentions this blog posting, or what I am now nicknaming the “Unring The Bell” deal.

So please, get the word out there to anyone who you may have already told, and anyone you think could use this deal.  This deal is only available directly through me, and I will honor it for anyone who books and mentions the deal, for the remainder of the month.

I love you all more than my luggage,