As I do every year I am begging asking for you to take a look at my donation page for The Rock MOPS walk.  It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year, and now that I have been on the leadership team, I have a little bit better perspective on just how much it takes to have a group that is the size of ours run so smoothly.

The child care provided for 80 moms alone is mind-blowing.  Add in everything else, and it becomes truly amazing what God does within our group with so little.  However, the part that has had the most impact on me this year is the moms that apply for scholarship.  These moms come with their hearts open and a willingness to serve.  They need our group.  They need the connection that MOPS provides, and they are willing to throw it all out there and ask for help in order to get it.  However, just as much as they are willing to serve, at the end of the day, serving doesn’t pay for the services we provide.  It’s humbling for me, therefore I can only imagine how it feels for them.

So, with a heart that has been humbled by those mommies, this mommy is asking you to please donate to MOPS this year.  It doesn’t need to be a lot, because I know even an amount equal to the change in your couch will go to good use.

Aside from scholarships, the money will go towards the child care, crafts, speakers and community outreach.  Your donation is also tax-deductible!

So, if you are going to give to anything this season, I am asking that you consider giving to The Rock MOPS, through my page.