We had given Caterpillar a quick wipe down a couple of days ago, but today was his first official bath.  We pulled out Monkey’s old tub to discover the seal isn’t working, therefore it needs to be replaced.

As I rummaged through the cabinets looking for a quick replacement, I spotted the pasta bowl.  I remember I had searched high and low for a bowl big enough for our love for Italian food, as well as something I could entertain in.  I found a soup bowl with a ladle at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it was on clearance.  I was on a shopping high the day I scored the bowl, and I have loved it as my pasta bowl ever since.

After re-purposing it today, I am sure I will love this bowl for many more years to come.

Big sister pulled her hair back to pitch in.  That’s a leaf in her hand… I think she was planning some sort of spa eye treatment…

I love the ‘tude in this picture.  It’s as though he’s saying “What… you’ve never seen a baby in a pasta bowl?  Fuhgetabboutit…”

I had to include this one because it gives us scale for how little he is – that is Monkeys hand!

The finale – drying off – by far the calmest moment of the event.

After his bath, he ate, and then it was lights out.