As most of you know, we had a miscarriage about three weeks ago. I have always believed when tragedy strikes, God has the greatest opportunity to do something great in my life.

I delivered food for my fellow MOPS mommy last night and I felt really blessed to have had the chance to put a smile on that young womans face. As I also mentioned before, I have decided to check out volunteer opportunities at The Rock in the youth ministry (called Illuminate) and I am looking forward to working with that group tonight. All in all I am basking in the sunlight of the Lord.

As I was getting out of the shower today, the phone rang. It was my ministry leader for The Care ministries at The Rock. She asked me to go to The Childrens Hospital to pray over a family in need. The child was a 2 1/2 month old little boy who had a brain infection. They doctors didn’t know what was causing it, thus didn’t have the cure. They had told the parents to take their son home and enjoy the time they had left with him. I cannot imagine how overwhelming it must feel to be standing in the middle of a forest of unanswered questions with no idea how to return home.

I wasn’t comfortable going alone to the hospital for a few reasons. I had never seen anything like this before. I had Monkey with me today. I had never been asked to pray over someone in front of other people outside of my family. I was just so worried about doing or saying the wrong thing. I told my ministry leader that, and she said she would see if she could get someone to go with me and “show me the ropes”.

I got a call a few minutes later from the woman who had prayed for us when we had our miscarriage. She explained she was willing to go to the hospital with me, and would take me how I am… two year old on my hip, shaky hands and all! So we got ready and went to the hospital.

When we arrived we were greeted by a very young looking couple who explained they were the childs parents. They explained that the baby had been home prior to about a week ago, when suddenly he started having seizures that would sometimes last up to a half hour. They brought him in to the doctors, who seemed hopeless. They had a pastor from another church come down and pray over the baby. That pastor put up their information during service, and the entire church prayed for them. They prayed that God would either heal the baby, or help the parents let the baby go back to God. That evening the couple was notified that they had figured out what was wrong and had a treatment for the baby. Praise God!

They had started the treatments Monday, and already the baby has been responding. He has already suffered brain damage which cannot be reversed, but God gave the doctors the discernment they needed and the child was back on the road to recovery. I sat and talked with the daddy for a little bit, and the more we talked the more I could relate. He talked about how strange his childs eyes were during the seizures, how little his hands and feet were, and how they felt so blessed by the Holy Spirit. The mother explained about two years ago they had a child and during delivery in an attempt to flip the baby over, her placenta was ripped and her child was born stillborn. Thank you God for everything in which I have been through so I could sit with this family and be able to say ‘I understand your pain’.

It is easy to not see the forest due to all of the trees in our way, much like it is not easy to see Gods plan when we are wrapped up in our hurts and our own lives. However, when we take the time to realize God has a plan, and a forest planted just for us, we then learn to embrace what has been given to us. We look beyond our own forests and notice they connect with others, much like my life has connections with others. And when we take the time to look behind the trees, and the lessons we have learned by passing them, all we find are blessings.