Every spring I look forward to working in our yard.  I love to go to the nursery and walk around in the warm sun.  I love getting a good deal on a half-dead plant, and I love it even more when I can get that plant to thrive.

Last year, I was on bed rest and missed most of the season.  So, this year I am especially antsy to get out there.  We are planning to get our back yard set up including a play scape, and a vegetable garden.  As part of our new health kick we thought it would be fun to eat more fresh veggies, and Monkey is at a great age for me to share my love for all things gardening.

For her birthday, we bought some seeds.  I picked out some flowers in addition to the veggies.  I also added some herbs so we could have fun growing things indoors until the weather warms up.  I have never grown annuals from seed, so we went through the experience together.

On Sunday, we decided we could go ahead and get started on our experiment.  First, we poured water all over the pods.  Monkey had so much fun watching the dirt spring to life.  We then carefully added 3-4 seeds in each pod.  Monkey did a great job of counting out the seeds, and was just as great at taking care when placing the soil over each seed.


We did rows of each kind of flower, and I had planned on labeling everything, but then thought it would be fun to see what pops up.  Plus, Monkey might have mixed some of the seeds together.

After we got all the seeds into the pods, we gently poured more water on the pods.  I looked all over for a kids sized metal watering can, and have yet to find one.  I am guessing that once the gardening season is upon us, they will be a little easier to locate… so for now we used a water bottle, and poured the water as slowly as we could.


Now comes the best part.  Waiting.


7 – 10 days.  That seems like a long time before any action.  Especially for a four year old.


Okay, well, maybe waiting isn’t the best part.  But I do like the anticipation.  I like not really knowing if this will work at all, and if it does, who knows what sort of hybrid flower we just created.

This morning, I was rocking Caterpillar in his room when I heard a very excited “MOM!” from downstairs.  I hurried down and found Monkey pointing at this:


I guess 7 – 10 days really means 3 days.

We may end up with beautiful indoor annuals for a while.  Not that I’m complaining.  I have to say, I am quite the gardener.  I may not have much experience outside, but looking at what I see inside:


I like things that are home grown.