Caterpillars birthday party was today.  We have been living a lot simpler this past year, so we had decided his birthday would not be a big huge production.  We invited only family (really, the kid is one… it’s not like he has any friends!) and I refrained from feeding the crew.  I knew I would be tempted, so I scheduled the party at 2pm so lunch was long gone and dinner was no where even close to being ready.

We ran to the store last night for odds and ends, and I asked Daddy if I should make dips for the adults to snack on.  I seriously have a problem!

Anyway, I decided a while ago to do cupcakes in the shape of a caterpillar and I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.



I definitely learned a lot from doing them, and it wasn’t near as scary as I thought it would be.  I used the icing dye from a craft store and it was awesome.  I will definitely use it on my Christmas cookies this year.

The cupcakes were simple and cheap and really weren’t much work.  But, he’ll never know.

Once everyone arrived, we just hung out for a bit, popped some popcorn and talked.  Then we showed the video I made.  The grandmas cried, and making fun of them was a good time filler until we were ready for the cupcakes.

We sang happy birthday, and Monkey did a great job of being a big sister by blowing out the candle:

B blowing out candle

We all clapped, and Caterpillar thought he should join in, and it’s his birthday so who are we to argue?

L and B_clap

Finally, it was time to dig in!

L_eating cake

Caterpillar did a great job of digging right in, because he actually enjoys being messy, while Monkey never did.  It was so much fun to watch.

After Daddy hosed him off, (not literally – it’s snowing here people!) it was time to open presents.  I sat down and he was interested in the tissue paper, so I though he might actually sit with me for a while.

L_opening presents

But, of course, that was just a dream.  It was only a few minutes until he was off to do his own thing.

L crawling

Ahh.  The ba-ba.  No wonder.  We did miss nap time today.

L drinking

Just minutes after this picture was taken, we wrapped things up and threw the little birthday boy in bed.  He’s still sleeping.

Moral of the story: No matter how much running around and prepping you do, all a boy wants on his birthday is his favorite drink and a good nap.