Monkey had the end of the season party for soccer last weekend.  Thankfully, I felt good, so I was able to go down the bounce house slide with her and we had so much fun.  Caterpillar’s personality is really starting to come out and he had a great time bouncing on the bounce houses.  That kid is such a dare-devil.

We had told Monkey ahead of time that there may or may not be trophy’s (we had already purchased hers) and we also told her that even if they are there, there’s no guarantee she’s getting one.

Well, the time came for the coach to pass out the trophies and all the little girls were sitting, patiently waiting.  The coach called up the first girl, she took some pictures and sat down.  The second girl was called, she accepted the trophy and sat down.  This went on all the way through the entire team.  Monkey’s face was priceless when they got to the end because she looked so nervous, and it was clear she was starting to wonder if she’d earned one too.

Of course, her name was called and she jumped up, accepted her trophy and struck a pose.  Then, she struck about ten more.  She was in heaven, and thrilled that I was able to catch it all on camera.

We took her to dinner to our favorite family restaurant, pigged out on Mexican food and went home.  Until bed, she did nothing but talk to and/or about the trophy.  It was awesome, and I could not wait to share the awesomeness on this blog as a way to document how fun and memorable the day was.

Then, I accidentally deleted every. single. picture.

I am such a rockstar.