Both of my kids love bath time. And, I have to admit, for the 20 minutes of peace and quiet it sometimes provides, I love it too.

Now that Caterpillar is a little older, I just throw him right in with his sister.  I figure it’s better than taking him outside and hosing them off.

The other option I’ve come up with is this:


Maybe that’s why they love the tub so much.  It is better than the alternatives I’ve provided.

Truth be told, the love for bathing comes from their dad:


Look at how much fun he was having!

Okay….That’s not their daddy.

It’s Caterpillar.


And in reality I am the one who still loves bath time both for me and for the kids.

P.S. Good job to all who noticed the Spongebob Squarepants toy in the water.