I have to say, the time spent on bed rest has really reminded me of how blessed we have previously been, and it has provided some new blessings along the way.

One of my favorite people is my sister-in-law Sarah.  She just recently moved out on her own, and started school.  She has been adjusting to life with a roommate and dating, and all of the things an 18 year old should be doing.

She and I had a chance to sit down and talk a few days ago, and we were talking about some of the relationships she’s in, and how it is hard for her to understand the drama that often comes with having friends.  She joked that one person in particular could stub her toe, and she’d think her life was over.  We had a good laugh and didn’t think much more about it.

Since Sarah didn’t have school due to the DNC, she has been blessing us by spending a lot of time with Monkey.  Monkey loves spending time with all of her aunts, because honestly they spoil the heck out of her.  On Friday, Sarah and her boyfriend decided to come by and take Monkey to the zoo.  I hadn’t told Monkey what the plan was, but told her Aunt Sarah was coming over, so she was in a great mood. She got ready, and when the doorbell rang around 9:30 she couldn’t have been more excited.

I was also looking forward to the time, because I was going to surprise Daddy and do some housework.  I know, I know, it’s against the whole bed rest thing, but I thought I could do it at a very slow pace and take breaks when I needed, so things would be fine.  Plus, I am sick of looking at the mess.

I jumped up to answer the door, and I slammed my foot into the chest in our livingroom that we use as a coffee table.  I limped to the door and explained to a very puzzled Sarah that I had stubbed my toe and my life was over.  We laughed at the recycled joke and after a few minutes they were on their way to the zoo.

I decided to rest a little before starting my day, and part of that included a bubble bath and a book.  I was enjoying the relaxation of our roman tub that I don’t use near enough, when the phone rang.  I answered the phone, and as I did, my feet came out of the water and a huge black and blue toe was revealed!

I cannot believe it, but I must admit, while I was on bed rest, I broke my toe.  And just for the record, I can see why Sarah’s friend would think her life is over after stubbing her toe – It freaking hurts!  And who knew that a fairly insignificant looking toe (the one next to the pinky) could be so useful… I mean, it’s as though every time the little sausage moves it is trying to remind me that it too has an important job in my balance, walking and overall life.

I guess there are a couple of things I pull away from this experience:

All parts of the body are important.  Much like friends and family. They may be little and seem insignificant, but don’t mess with them or they will show you why they are there, and what it feels like for them to be gone.

Secondly, when prescribed bed rest, take it.  Or God will make sure that you do.  One way, or another.