If my mother-in-laws walls could talk, they’d say ‘turn some lights on!’.  I never noticed how completely dark Daddy’s moms house is until I tried to take pictures in it!

Her house is a beautifully restored, old victorian home.  With that comes dark curtains, saturated paints, and alabaster lights.  Basically the worst photo shooting conditions possible.

However, everyone had a good time, and in typical Italian style, we had so much food that by the time we sat down to eat our dinner, no one was hungry, which was probably a good thing, since I am pretty sure no one’s pants would have fit much longer if we kept going.

We were able to sneak a family photo in before every changed into their pj’s (which is what we all wear whenever possible):


Now, everyone must know by this point how much I love portrait photography <insert sarcasm>, but I will spare ya’ll the joy of hearing me go on and on about everything wrong in the above picture.

However, the little one who is sound asleep in her mommy’s arms is this little angel:


Could she get any cuter?

She seriously makes me want to have another one.  In fact, I am going to log off now and go eat to console myself for not having a million cute little babies, the same size and shape as the one above.

I’m Italian.  That’s how we roll.