As I started writing everything down for my doctors appointment, I realized that I (we) have been through the ringer in the last four years.  As things have come up along the way, I justified them in my head by telling myself things like ‘well, I am older now…’ and ‘I weigh more now then I ever have, so it’s normal to have days that the foot pain is so bad I can’t walk…’ or how about ‘what mom of two kids couldn’t sleep for 18 hours in a day?’

To actually put it on paper, and say it out loud is mind boggling.  How on Earth did I think these things were normal!?

Thank God I saw the endocrinologist when I did.  She did two wonderful things:

1) She never doubted for a second that the things I had weren’t in my head.  She not only believed I had all of these ailments, but she didn’t seem dumbfounded by them, as I had experienced with every doctor I’ve had in the last four years.

2) She diagnosed me!  I have Hashimotos and severe anemia.  Basically, it’s an auto-immune disease where my immune system is attacking my thyroid.  It’s a very simple fix – just an additional thyroid pill, twice a day (I already take one for the hypothyroidism).  She referred me back to my PCP to figure out why I have the anemia. That too may be a simple fix of an iron or B12 supplement, but the PCP will have to figure all of that out.

I didn’t know much about Hashimotos, so of course I googled it, and oh my freaking gosh the combination of these two things is totally what I have.  Not that I didn’t believe the blood test, but come on here people.  Why did it take four years to figure this out???  I have every. single. symptom.

I started the new med today, and I am optimistic it will work.  For the first time in four years, I am not doubting what my body is feeling.  I am not depressed, as so many doctors have claimed.  I am not over-sensitive to pain, and I am not exaggerating my exhaustion.  I have heard it all over the last four years, and for the first time I actually believe what the doctor had to say. I have felt good the last couple of days, even before I started the new medication.  But, even if it takes a while for them to dial in the right dosages, I am so glad they at least have a name (besides ‘crazy’) for my condition.