Daddy and I have been paying cash for everything ever since we did the Damn Ramsey Financial Peace University about a year ago.  We use our debit cards, and use electronic envelopes, instead of paper, so perhaps that is why even after a year of being in this practice we still have people who cannot understand our decision.

For example, as I mentioned yesterday, the Used Car Salesman Chiropractor wanted me to pay over $3k for 6 months of chiropractic and alternative care, all without my insurance.  I told him IF we decided to move ahead, we could not do it right away as I would need to save the money prior to starting.  He then offered me a financing through Chase Bank, and told me it was ‘better’ than financing because the credit limit would be much higher than what he would need to use, so I would have that ‘cash’ on hand to use however I’d like.

At first, I politely explained that I don’t use financing for anything, and I would need to stick to my plan and save up.  He assumed I couldn’t get credit, so then he assured me that he could get me approved.  I explained that was not the issue, as I could probably get approved with no problem, however I choose not to use credit of any kind.

He said he does the same, yet about two minutes later he brought it up again and said “What is your health worth to you?”.  I simply said it’s not worth taking food out of my kids mouths and credit cards are not good for our family.

That afternoon, Daddy went back to talk them again about the options and payment plans available.  He then politely and not as politely had to explain at least five more times that there is no way we are going to get a credit line for this.  And that was all before he left with the screaming baby about 20 minutes into the conversation.

So, I either had my third eyeball uncovered, or not using credit makes me a freak.  Because the look on his face when it finally sunk in had to be a result of one or the other.

For all of you DR fans out there, have you had people give you a hard time about credit?  What did you say?  How did they react?