That is how I’m feeling lately.

From the non-stop commercials on TV to the email inbox spam about deals, deals, deals.

It’s a constant reminder of the mistakes I’ve made in the past when it comes to finances.

I love what Romans 13:8 says in The Message version of the bible:

Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along.

It’s a great reminder for me as we enter the season of love and blessings. All blessings. Not just the physical blessings under the tree, but the simple loves in my life: the way Monkey looks at me when she’s trying to get a laugh. The nose crinkle Caterpillar gives me when he thinks I’m being suspicious.  The way the whole family would rather spend the evening on the couch just hanging out and laughing at a movie we’ve seen a hundred times, verses dressing up and going downtown to see all that Denver has to offer during the holiday season.

For a while I’ve been praying for God to relieve our debt. Provide forgiveness to me and and our family and release us from the prison that we’ve trapped ourselves in.

What I am starting to realize is he has already released me. When I see the commercials on TV I am no longer coveting what is on the screen, but rather disgusted by the fact that Americans have allowed more than $15,000 (on average) in credit card debt into their homes. If that’s not the evil one pushing his way in, I am not sure what is. And, I allowed him in. Pretty much made him a cup of coffee and asked him to make himself at home. I did this all by myself.

Thankfully, I’m not alone any more. I’ve got someone bigger than that on my side, and He’s been doing some house cleaning.

The pressure to capture a deal doesn’t plague me as often as it used to. Now I see a deal is only a deal if I am in the market.

That is forgiveness. He provided that forgiveness a long time ago. Why I couldn’t see it until now, I’m not sure. Spoiled I suppose. Old habits die hard.

The debt remains today. It’s getting smaller every month, and there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel. The light that once appeared to be a train heading in my direction has now revealed itself as a promise of healing and truth.

Although I can’t say I’ll be sorry when the debt gone, for now it’s a good reminder of what is really important. It’s forcing me to stay focused and driven. And once the debt is completely gone, I’ll call up Damn Ramsey and yell “I’m Debt FREE!”. Then I’ll patiently wait to see what challenge God has for my money next. I can’t wait to see the way he uses them for His good.

I have no doubt, I’ll feel inundated.