I saw Dr. Bowtie last week and found out the protein is back in my urine and my blood pressure is back up.  I think we all expected the blood pressure increase, as part of a normal pregnancy, but Dr. Bowtie seemed surprised at my urine test.  He even commented that it had been ‘not even a trace amount’ leading up to this, and he would need to send it in for further testing.

Sooooo, we scheduled my induction for next Saturday (November 8th).  This news gave me a burst of energy and a little burst of panic.  There are a few odds and ends still needing to be taken care of, and a few details needing to be resolved. 

Daddy and I pulled a ‘design on a dime’ moment and redecorated our formal living and dining rooms.  These rooms are toward the front of our house and have over time become a catch all for miscellaneous items.  Now however, it has become a quiet place Daddy and I can sit and talk, away from the TV, after Monkey goes to bed.  It almost replaces the closet smoking we did last summer before I got pregnant… almost.

We are hoping to use our skills to finish up the guest bedroom, so while we are at the hospital, Monga and Papa can stay here with Monkey.  Not only is our house closer to the hospital, but I think some undivided time with Monga and Papa would be good for Monkey since her life is going to be turned upside down very soon.

So far, the light at the end of the tunnel has been a good thing.  And right now, I’m just praying the bright light isn’t a train.