Since I have come off of complete bed rest, I have been on the go.  While trying not to do too much, there’s just too much to do.

Monkey started swim lessons last week, and I have to say I think this class is a repeater.  She likes it, and has fun, but won’t do a few key things they would like her to do – like put her face in the water.  I don’t really understand that, because in the bathtub she will go completely under, but I suppose she’s just being a crazy kid.  Then, last night, she would not jump in the water.  She’d done it before in class – even in that class, but for some reason she refused.

After lessons, I was pretty upset because I assumed her regression is related to the lack of time I have spent working with her.  We don’t swim as often as I would like, and lately it’s been not at all.

Honestly, I think the whole family has changed since this bed rest mayhem started.  Daddy has been so busy just trying to keep up, and I am cranky because there is so much to do and no energy to do it with.  Monkey has been feeling it too.  To me, the swim lessons are telling.  She also has had a few potty accidents, and well… just seems bored and starved for attention.

Come to think of it, the only family member who has not shown any signs of suffering is Stinky Magoo.  He still licks his bowl dry and looks pathetic as he begs for more.  He still barks for no reason and occasionally poops or pees on himself just to remind us he can do whatever he wants.  He still humps his bed for hours on end, and he still snores loud enough to wake me up – even when he’s downstairs in his kennel.  Good old, reliable Stinky Magoo.

This whole time I thought his silly behavior and questioning looks were because he couldn’t connect two brain cells together to form a complete thought.  I believed his lack of training was because all he could think about was food and because he had the attention span of a fly.

Speaking of flies, the other day we had one in the house and our dog is so slow that he couldn’t even come close to catching it.  The fly playfully landed on Stinky Magoo’s nose several times and by the time Stinky Magoo would snap his jaws together, the fly was already tickling his hind quarters, laughing a very sinister laugh. (Okay, maybe that was me laughing)

Regardless, this whole time I thought Stinky Magoo had a lot to learn.  His carefree attitude and unconditional puppy love has shown me perhaps he’s not so dumb after all. Perhaps he’s the wisest one in the family.

But, he is still stinky.